How to check in?

You don't have to care about your check-in anymore! 

Your check in will be done automatically at least 24 hours prior departure. Then we will upload your boardingpass in your L&P app and we will also send you an e-mail with it.

To make sure that everything works fine we kindly ask you to add your passport / ID card details in your profile.

In order to get a good seat for you Lanes & Planes will consider the specific check-in time for every airline. For example: 30 days prior departure for Easyjet, 72h for Eurowings and 48h for Ryanair.

New: Please note that you can reserve seats (specific airlines) in the Lanes & Planes system from now on. Find out more: Seat reservation for flights

Please note that some airlines don't offer seat reservations for free (e.g. EasyJet). In case you want to reserve a seat, which is not bookable through the Lanes & Planes system yet please contact our Lanes & Planes Support-Team and let us know where you want to sit. We will reserve your preferred seat for you. 

In case that you do not want the automatic check-in please tick the information below (at the bottom of your seat preferences in your profile):







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