How to register at Lanes & Planes

To register at Lanes & Planes on of your company admins needs to send you an invite. 


After you have been invited you will receive an email from Lanes & Planes:



Please click on one of the links to enter the registration process:


All fields are mandatory, so please make sure that everything is filled in correctly. If you don’t want to provide your private address, you can easily enter your companies address.

It is very important for international flights, that you enter all your names as written in your passport!


Click on register now to complete your registration.


After you go to your user account, you need to fill in your passport data, which is also very important for your ongoing flights:


We recommend, that you set up your profile right away, you can enter your preferences or your Miles & More card.


After you have entered all data, you are ready to book now!


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