Establish travel policies

Travel policy can be divided into two areas: general settings and travel policy by groups. Both can be adjusted in the "user details" of the user via "Policy and Restrictions".


General Settings:

In the general settings can be defined certain parameters. Among others, what happens after a violation of the travel policy. For example, you can specify whether the traveler must enter a justification for the violation and/or whether the registered manager (manager approval activated) receives an immediate notification of the violation. mceclip1.png

Travel Policy:

For the travel policies, are created user groups to which a specific policy applies. Then the users are assigned to the appropriate group. If the travel policy is the same for all company employees, it is sufficient to set up one group.


mceclip3.pngFor a new group, only the group name is defined, in a second step the corresponding policies that apply to this group are defined. The guidelines are differentiated according to flight, train and hotel.

mceclip5.pngFor short-, medium- and long-haul flights, the transport category is selected by determining a maximum price per direction (oneway). If the price is set at 0.00 Euro, it is not allowed to fly. This is the case, for example, if on short distances it is only allowed to travel by train.

mceclip0.pngIn the case of the train, the maximum permitted price per direction is entered to determine how much the ticket may cost in the transport class. If 0.00 Euro is entered for 1st class, this means that it is not permitted to book 1st class.


Hotel offers the most extensive settings for stars and accommodation costs. Here you have the possibility to define general guidelines and then exceptions for certain continents, countries or cities by allowing higher costs.


For continents and countries, you can select from a list.

For cities the Google Maps search is used. In addition to entering the city, a radius must also be specified. This radius can be specified by entering the kilometers or with a circle on the map.



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