Per diem (meal allowance) in the Mobile App

From now on you can create your per diem (meal allowance) receipt via our Lanes & Planes Mobile App and change or delete them after creation.

Creation of per diem (meal allowance) in the app

You can add the per diem expense to an existing booking or expense report.

To create the receipt for a per diem, first click on an existing booking or expense report in the app. You will find these in the 'trips' section either on the 'upcoming' or 'past' tab:


You are now in the details of your booking or expense report. Here you can click on the blue '+' on the bottom right and add a receipt:



Now select the category 'per diem':


Then type in the relevant information to create this receipt.

Afterwards you select the date and time of your arrival and departure.

You then select the appropriate per diem rate.

Now the system automatically calculates the number of days, divided into arrival day, whole days and departure day (example here: time frame 14.5 - 16.5.2020):


Now you will be asked about the received meals on your trip in two steps, first the meals on whole days, then the meals on the day of arrival or departure. Here please select the meals you have received. The system will then show you directly which per diem you are legally entitled to after deduction of the meals:




You can then indicate whether you have received a privately paid overnight stay that you will not submit as an expense.


On the next page, you will be shown the total amount that you are legally entitled to as per diem (meal allowance). Please confirm that you have stayed within the "3-month period":



Last but not least, you now enter the relevant accounting information (e.g. cost center or purpose of trip) and add a comment if desired.

Click on the 'finish' button to create the receipt for the per diem (meal allowance).

You will find the receipt in the overview 'trips' or in the trip details of the specific trip:


Change/delete a per diem (meal allowance) in the app

You can change or completely delete your per diem receipt (like any other receipt created) until you have submitted the relevant trip or expense report for approval. After that, changes are not possible anymore unless a receipt is disputed and released for resubmission again.

To make changes, click on the relevant receipt and then scroll to 'edit' and 'delete':




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