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CO2 compensation at Lanes & Planes

No matter how much you reduce - a certain amount of residual emissions is always generated.  

Besides avoidance and reduction, the compensation of CO2 emissions is an important step in holistic climate protection.

Lanes & Planes supports you in offsetting your CO2 footprint.

We work closely with our partner ClimatePartnerDeutschland. The compensation includes CO2 offsetting by supporting climate protection projects and the associated allocation, decommissioning of CO2 emission reduction certificates and provision of corresponding labels and certificates. This achieves climate neutrality for companies, products or services.

After successful offsetting, you will receive a certificate as current proof that you are a climate-neutral company:



Lanes & Planes supports the following projects:


1. Planting trees in Germany

2. Rainforest as a basis for life

3. Stopping the plastic flood

For more information about the supported climate projects, the compensation or the CO2 evaluation, please contact us at

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