Billing document types for booked services via Lanes & Planes

When booking travel services via Lanes & Planes, we make a distinction between different billing document types, which are explained below:

1. Invoice (R)

Invoices are issued by Lanes & Planes in the name and on behalf of the service provider. Payment will be made to L&P and is debited from your account by direct debit.

Example: Services of DB

2. Payment note (Z)

Payment notes are issued to you together with an attached document from the operator or service provider, e.g. a passenger receipt or a hotel invoice. In this case the passenger receipt or hotel invoice can be used for VAT deduction. 
Even if you do not receive an invoice from Lanes & Planes, we will still be your creditor, because the payment will be made to us and debited from your account by direct debit.

Example: Services from Eurowings, Hotel bookings


This can also be compared to the display of an employee, where e.g. a cab bill is submitted. Also here the disbursement is booked against the employee as a creditor, although the invoice was issued by the cab company, because the payment goes in the end directly to the employee and not to the cab company.

3. Service order (L)

The service order is created when you decide to use a collective invoice. In this case, you cannot download invoices from the accounting overview, but only a list of services, which you can then compare with your collective invoice.


Accounting overview

All these document types can be downloaded in the accounting overview and have the following document names:


Single invoice for travel services, e.g. Deutsche Bahn


Single invoice for cancellation of travel services, e.g. Deutsche Bahn


Payment note for for travel services, e.g. Eurowings, Hotels


Payment credit for cancelled travel services, e.g. Eurowings, Hotels


Service order (for collective invoice)


Service order cancellation (for collective invoice)


Expense receipt


Invoice for charges of Lanes & Planes are not displayed in the accounting overview!


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