Rebookings through the app

You have different options to rebook, change or cancel your bookings.

1. Rebooking through our live-chat and concierge service

Therefore please choose the option ''Live-Chat'' in your app. Now you can directly get in touch with our Support Team and let them know about your booking change request. Our professionell team will work on your request. If you want to talk to the Support Team directly instead kindly choose ''Concierge Service'' in your app. Then you can discuss your request by phone.


2. Rebooking directly in your bookings

You can also request a change of booking directly in the booking section of your app. Therefore please open your tickets and click on the red button named ''request change''. 

In this case all information concerning your specific booking change request will be send automatically to our Support Team. You will be guided to the live-chat automatically.



For any questions please contact our Support Team:

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