Indication of the third gender in the user data

Since the end of 2018, intersexual people in Germany have the option to indicate "diverse" in addition to the options "male" and "female" when indicating their gender.

We would really like to make it possible to specify the third gender. Diversity is close to our hearts and is deeply anchored in the corporate culture and values of Lanes & Planes.  

However, we are dependent on all of our partners such as airlines, train companies, car rental companies, hotel partners, etc. to specify another gender. Only when all our partners enable this selection and can process it in their systems, we will also be able to forward the gender information correctly. We are already in discussions with our partners, however, according to our partners, the first changes are just being discussed in projects and it is not yet possible to make any concrete statements regarding implementation.

Furthermore, it should also be considered that depending on the political situation or the technical status of the country, the third gender is not always accepted.

Therefore, we ask for your understanding that we cannot foresee at this point in time when we will provide further gender selection options in the Lanes & Planes user account.

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