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Single Sign On (SSO) / How to set up for SAML 2.0

If you use SAML 2.0 as protocol, you can activate Single Sign On (SSO) for Lanes & Planes based on your users’ email addresses. 

If you want to set this up, Lanes & Planes will give you a redirect URL, like this:

You will enter that URL into the configuration as explained below.


1) SAML Configuration

Please configure these settings on your system.

  • Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL:
    • (:provider will be assigned to you by Lanes & Planes support team.)
  • Service Provider Entity ID: lanesplanessaml
  • Add attribute mapping: User email → email
    • Please note that the email address from your system must match the email of the user at

2) XML Metadata

After the above are set, please provide us with your XML Metadata:


  • Select SAMLBildschirm_foto_2023-03-22_um_11.06.09.png


  • Enter either the XML metadata or a DIRECT URL to the XML.

You are ready to log in. From a different browser session (so you can continue to make changes to your configuration if needed), log in at

IMPORTANT: The e-mail addresses of the users must be absolutely identical in both systems (case-sensitive).

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