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Single Sign On (SSO) / How to set up Google Workspace (OAuth 2.0) and Lanes & Planes

If you have a Google Workspace account, you can activate Single Sign On (SSO) for Lanes & Planes based on your users’ email addresses. Users then can enter their Google credentials to access Lanes & Planes instead of maintaining a separate password. You can control access to Lanes & Planes based on who is in your Google Workspace. 

If you want to set this up, Lanes & Planes will give you a redirect URL, like this:

You will enter that URL into your Google Workspace configuration below.


1) Set up in Google

i) Sign in to Google Workspace as an administrator and go to the Credentials section of the Developer Console.

If you have not yet created a project, use the drop-down menu to create one. Make sure you use this project afterwards and click Create Credentials.



ii) In the following menu, choose Oauth client ID



iii) Please select Web application as the Application type and enter a name.
In addition, two URLs must be entered. In the first place (1), enter and in the second place (2), the redirect URL provided by Lanes & Planes. 
Then click on Create.



iv) Google Workspace now creates a Client ID and a Client Secret. You will need both codes later to enter them into Lanes & Planes.



2) Set up in Lanes & Planes

i) Sign in to Lanes & Planes as an administrator and go to the Company Account. In Settings & Policies, you will find Single Sign On. Click on it. (In case this button is missing, click here)



ii) Choose google_oauth2 from the OAuth strategy dropdown menu. Client ID and Client secret are the two codes to be generated in Google Workspace. Enter them into the dedicated field and click on Submit.

OAuth tenant can be ignored and left blank.



The set-up is now complete, and the users are able to use Single Sign On. 

IMPORTANT: The e-mail addresses of the users must be absolutely identical in both systems (case-sensitive).

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