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Train / Hotel / Rental Cars:

Pleas note thattrain bookings, hotel bookings, and car rental bookings cannot be modified. The booking can only be canceled and rebooked.

To do this, please access your trip under "Bookings & Tickets" in your user account. In the booking overview, click on "Change." You can then either proceed with the cancellation using the "Submit Change" button. Note: The booking will be canceled, and no rebooking request will be initiated.

Here's how you can cancel a hotel booking.

And here you can find more specific information about canceling a train journey.


Changes and cancellations are possible depending on the booked fare (airline fare conditions).

To do this, please access your trip under "Bookings & Tickets" in your user account. In the booking overview, click on "Change." You can then proceed with the cancellation or send us a change request. For this, we'll need your details regarding the desired changes in the comment field.

Feel free to check out our Videoguide as well to learn how to book, rebook, and cancel travel services.

You can conveniently arrange your round-trip journey (either by train or flight) and accommodation through Lanes & Planes in a single booking step. To do this, please select the ”All-In-One” option in our booking form. Please note that when choosing the outbound journey, you can only select one means of transport. Combining different means of transportation, such as train and flight for the outbound journey, is not possible in one go. If, for example, you need a train booking to reach the airport, you need to book this separately.

If you don't need accommodation, please still choose the ”All-In-One” option and simply skip the accommodation selection during the booking process.

Below are the available options when you select the “All-In-One Trip”:

  • Outbound journey by train, return journey by flight
  • Outbound journey by flight, return journey by train
  • Round-trip journey by train
  • Round-trip journey by flight
  • The following combination is not possible:

  • Outbound journey: Train + Flight
  • Return journey: Train + Flight
  • IMPORTANT: In such cases, the train, for example, needs to be booked separately. To do this, simply click on the “Outbound only” button.

    Feel free to check out our Videoguide as well to learn how to book, rebook, and cancel travel services.

    Price Comparison and Booking Tips with Lanes & Planes

    When comparing prices between Lanes & Planes and well-known flight search engines like Skyscanner or Kayak, please go through both systems until the shopping cart to see the actual final price.

    We double-check prices at Lanes & Planes: during the search and again in the shopping cart. Especially with low-cost carriers (Ryanair, EasyJet), prices can change minute by minute.

    Unlike many providers, Lanes & Planes has direct connections to airlines (Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Ryanair), allowing us to generally offer more competitive prices than other providers on the internet.

    If you unexpectedly find divergent prices, please contact our support and preferably send us a screenshot. We can manually process the booking for you if necessary.

    1. Log in to your user account and go to "Bookings & Tickets" to access your flight booking

    2. Open the "Details" and click on the "Request for Additional Services" button

    When you follow the link, you will be guided through various questions where you can provide us with more specific information about the additional service you desire. Choose from the following additional services:

  • Baggage
  • Seat Selection
  • Priority Boarding
  • After you have selected your desired additional service and answered the various questions, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    You can find the related help center article here.

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