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What do I have to do if I cannot log in?

If you can no longer log in, this can have various causes.


Browser: Try logging in with a different browser, for example, Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Forgotten password: You can set a new password at any time. 

To do this, click on ''Forgotten password'' on the start page. You will now receive a link by e-mail. There you can reset your password. 


Registration not completed: The registration link in the welcome email is valid for 14 days. If you do not register within 2 weeks, this link will expire. In this case, your administrator would have to send you a new welcome email. 


Single Sign On: If your company has set up the login via Single Sign On. Do not need to log in via email and password. Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows users to access all connected, in-house systems via a single sign-in/log-in.


Contact your company administrator: If none of these steps allow you to log in, please contact your administrator. If necessary, settings must be made in your user account. 


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