Car rental bookings with Avis rates from Lanes & Planes

Via Lanes & Planes, you can make car rental bookings with Avis, among others.

The Avis contract rates are either applied according to your company contract with Avis or the Lanes & Planes rates are used.

The Lanes & Planes rates include the following services* by default, and it is not necessary to book these or more when picking up the car at the Avis counter:

  • No payment required on the spot, as the Full Credit Voucher covers the cost
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Free rebooking or cancellation
  • Full accident protection without deductible** (e.g. theft protection, glass and tire protection)
  • Additional driver
  • All local taxes and fees
  • Seasonal surcharges
  • Young driver surcharges

*Subject to change and availability

**Deductible of 800.00 euros for vehicle group J. This deductible cannot be further reduced or excluded.

Important: For international travel, the included services may vary. Please check when booking or contact the Lanes & Planes support team.


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