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What if I can't find a specific hotel?

If you can't find a specific hotel in our Lanes & Planes system, it can have different reasons.

The hotel search in our Lanes & Planes system is based on Google Maps. Due to the high amount of hotels that Lanes & Planes offers, it can be that only results are shown which are located in the closest area of your start point.

Tip: Please enter your start point as exactly as possible. You are searching for a hotel in the airport area of Munich? Better search for Munich airport and for not for Munich. The more precise your search, the better the results.

If you are searching for a specific hotel also feel free to use the filter for the hotel search on the left side:

If the hotel doesn't allow the assumption of costs, it can be that the hotel won't be shown in the hotel search. In this case or in all other belongings, please contact our Support Team:


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