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Import and update user data via ExtAPI to Lanes & Planes

Lanes & Planes offers you the possibility to import and update certain user data of your employees directly and automatically via ExtAPI (Oneway) to Lanes & Planes.


1. Set-Up of your user import integration with Lanes & Planes

1.1 Set-Up within Lanes & Planes

1.2 Set-Up within your system


2. Synchronization of user data

2.1 User master data

2.2 Timing of synchronization and e-mail invitation

2.3 Information of previous imports

2.4 Further information about the synchronization


1. Set-Up of your user import integration with Lanes & Planes

Are you interested in having your employees' master data automatically imported and updated to Lanes & Planes? Then get in contact with your Implementation Manager or Account Management.


1.1 Set-Up within Lanes & Planes

We take care of the relevant steps in the Lanes & Planes system for you. There is no need for you to set it up.

All settings (such as the frequency of updates) are made on your site.


1.2 Set-Up within your system

The data is transmitted via JSON script. The requirements for this can be found in the attached PDF.

Name: ExtAPI_May24_v1 (extern)


2. Synchronization of user data

2.1 User master data

The following user data is mandatory and must be transmitted and updated to Lanes & Planes via ExtAPI:

  • First and last name
  • E-Mail address
  • Role(s)
  • Invoice profile(s)

Depending on the settings in the company account (e.g. cost centers, manager approval), further data may become mandatory.

The following additional data can be provided:

  • Personal identification number 
  • Abbreviation
  • Creditor account
  • Creditor account (Company Credit Card)
  • Individual cost center
  • Personnel Number
  • Travel Manager E-mail Address(es)
  • Cost Center(s) (incl. specification of a validity)
  • Travel Policy Group(s)


2.2 Timing of synchronization and e-mail invitation

You determine the time of synchronization yourself.

As soon as you send new and updated users, they are created or adjusted in the Lanes & Planes Tool.

You can define in the Settings & Policies whether the newly created users should be invited automatically by e-mail.



2.3 Information of previous imports

The Previous user imports-link, which can be accessed when clicking on user administration and the link Add new user in the company account will take you to the overview of your company's previous user imports.


If you click on Details, you will get more details about which users have been newly created or updated by the import, and you can directly click on the respective user account at Lanes & Planes.

If a user import fails completely, the administrator (creator of the API key - see attachment) can be informed by e-mail. In case you wish to activate that notification, feel free to get in contact with us.


2.4 Further information about the synchronization

Manual changes of user data in Lanes & Planes user accounts

If you want to change/adapt certain data manually in the Lanes & Planes Tool, please refer to the document (ExtAPI_May24_v1 (external)) attached. There you will find a list of the attributes that will be overwritten if you send them via ExtAPI.

E-mail address

If you plan to change an employee's e-mail address, please change the e-mail address in Lanes & Plans Tool before. Otherwise, a new user will be created with the changed e-mail address and the existing user will be deactivated, since our system can only uniquely identify an employee by their e-mail address. Please make sure that the stored e-mail address of the employee already exists in your system. If you synchronize users with Lanes & Planes who have non-existent e-mail addresses, the user will not receive any e-mails from Lanes & Planes, even if the e-mail address is subsequently created by you.

Cost Center(s)

If cost centers are transferred that are not yet stored in the Lanes & Planes company account, they will be created in the Lanes & Planes company account. 

If you use cost centers that may only exist for a limited time, these can also be transmitted.

Please note that the cost center(s) must be valid until the last day of a planned trip and/or correspond to the date of performance when the receipt is created, otherwise it is not possible to use these cost center(s).

Multiple Invoice Profiles

If you work with several invoice profiles, please note that these must be supplied with the synchronization. We will be happy to provide you with the required accounting_invoice_profile_ids.

Travel Policy Group(s)

If you work with travel policy groups, you can supply the assignment directly via the API. The required group_ids can be found in the URL that is displayed as soon as you are in a travel policy group in the Lanes & Planes tool. (f.e.: (ID 378 is the required group_ids))


The following standard roles do exist: Administrator, Manager, Travel Assistant, Accountant, Traveler, Traveler - without booking rights, Read-Only Administrator.

If you are working with multiple roles, please note to include them with the import.


Please refer to the attachment (Name: ExtAPI_May24_v1 (extern)) for the correct names and more additional information. 

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