Import and update user data from Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Lanes & Planes

Lanes & Planes offers you the possibility to import and update certain user data of your employees directly and automatically from Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) to Lanes & Planes.

In this article you will learn what is needed to set up the interface and how the user import works.


1. Setting up integration at Lanes & Planes and AAD

Are you interested in having your employees' master data automatically imported and updated from Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Lanes & Plans? Then please let your contact person in Implementation or Account Management know.

1.1 Setup at AAD

In your AAD corporate account, create the following API key set:

- Tenant

- Client ID

- Client Secret

- Group ID

1.2 Setup at Lanes & Planes

1.2.1 Deposit the AAD API keys

Once Lanes & Planes has enabled user data submission for your organisation, a dedicated button called Manage Azure Keys will appear in the Settings & Policies section of your company account. (Access to this page is available to Lanes & Planes users with administration rights).

Please click on Manage Azure Keys.


Now deposit the following information from your AAD company account and save afterwards:


1.2.2 Setting up the automatic user import and automatic invitation e-mail dispatch and storing a default manager

You can define these settings in the Settings & Policies > General Settings section.

You can decide yourself whether the user data from AAD should be automatically uploaded and updated to Lanes & Planes every 6 hours.

You can also decide whether the newly created users in Lanes & Planes should be automatically invited by email.

Most Lanes & Planes customers use organisation-wide user settings that require a manager to be deposited with each traveller. If this is not the case for your organisation, you can ignore this section. If your company-wide user settings for Lanes & Planes require the assignment of a manager, please select a user as the default manager in the drop-down field. The correct manager can be reassigned to the new users afterwards. The default manager is only assigned to newly created users. If a user has already been assigned another manager, this manager will not be imported with the default manager.


2. synchronisation of user data from AAD to Lanes & Planes

2.1 Transferred attributes / employee master data

The following user data can be transferred and updated from AAD to Lanes & Planes directly via the interface:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Cost centre(s)
  • User account active/inactive

There are various reasons why only these attributes/staff master data are transferred. 

The Lanes & Planes user role, for example, would first have to be created in AAD. As the roles in Lanes & Planes can change, it cannot be guaranteed that you have up-to-date data in AAD for the import. This would force the synchronising company to maintain Lanes & Planes-specific attributes in AAD.

Similarly, the supervisor in AAD is not the same as the manager in Lanes & Planes, as supervisor/manager responsibilities for specific tasks often vary between the two systems. Here, too, the synchronising company would have to maintain Lanes & Planes-specific attributes in AAD in addition and at any time.

Not all companies store the date of birth of their employees, so it cannot be ensured that this attribute is available for the import. 

2.2 Time of synchronisation

The current user data from AAD is automatically forwarded to Lanes & Planes via the interface every 6 hours and renewed. You can decide whether or not new users should automatically receive an email invitation to register with Lanes & Planes. (See 1.2.2 Setting up the automatic user import and automatic invitation e-mail dispatch and storing a default manager).

You can also actively initiate the import of user data yourself in the User Management area by clicking on the "Pull users from Azure" button.


2.3 Information about previous user imports

Use the link Previous user imports in the company account to access the overview of previous user imports.


If you click on Details, you will get more details about which users have been newly created or changed by the import and you can directly click on the respective user account at Lanes & Planes.


2.4 Further information on synchronisation

Manual changes to user data in the Lanes & Planes user accounts

Please note that manual changes in the Lanes & Planes user account of name, gender, cost centre(s) and active/inactive user account are automatically overwritten with the data stored and transmitted in AAD. (Exception: email address)

Email address

If you plan to change an employee's email address in AAD, please change the email address in the Lanes & Plans account beforehand. As our system can only uniquely identify a staff member by their email address, otherwise a new user would be created with the changed email address and the existing user would be deactivated. Please make absolutely sure that the employee's email address stored in AAD already exists. If you synchronise users with Lanes & Planes who have non-existent email addresses, the user will not receive any emails from Lanes & Planes, even if the email address is subsequently created by you.

Cost centre(s)

If cost centres are submitted from AAD that are not yet stored in the Lanes & Planes company account, these cost centres will be recreated in the Lanes & Planes company account. Therefore, please always ensure that the cost centres in AAD and Lanes & Planes are identical, otherwise unwanted, additional cost centres may be created in the Lanes & Planes company account.

Multiple invoice profiles

If you are working with multiple billing profiles, please note that users are assigned the main billing profile. If a user has multiple billing profiles or a billing profile other than the main billing profile, this must be reassigned in the Lanes & Planes user account. Billing profiles already assigned to an existing user will not be overwritten by an import.

Standard manager

If you have stored a standard manager for the import due to your company-wide user settings, please ensure that you subsequently store the correct manager for the new user. 



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