Import and update user data from HR system Personio to Lanes & Planes

Lanes & Planes offers you the possibility to import and update certain user data of your employees directly and automatically from the HR system Personio to Lanes & Planes.


The following user data can be transferred from Personio to Lanes & Planes directly via the interface and updated:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Cost centre(s)
  • User account active/inactive

Are you interested in having your employees' data automatically imported and updated from Personio? If so, please let your implementation or account management contact know.

Setting up the Personio integration at Lanes & Planes

Once Lanes & Planes has enabled the Personio user data import for your organisation, a new button called "Manage Personio Keys" will appear in the Settings & Policies section of the company account. (Access to this page is available to users with the Administrator role).



Please click on "Manage Personio Keys".

You will now be asked for your Personio "Client ID" and your Personio "Client Secret".

You can find this information in your Personio company account.

To generate your "Client ID" and "Client Secret", please navigate to Settings > API > Credentials in your Personio business account and click on "Download". Personio will then automatically generate a file containing the "Client ID" and the "Client Secret". (Please note that with the command "Download" your previous credentials lose their validity).

You can also find this information in Personio's article Setting Up the Employee Data API.

Now enter your "Client ID" and the "Client Secret".


As soon as you have saved the information, your Personio keys are stored.

The current user data from Personio is now automatically forwarded to Lanes & Planes via the API at least once a day.

You can also actively initiate the import of Personio user data via user management page in the company account by clicking on the button "Pull users from Personio".


You will afterwards receive an overview of which users have been created, updated or deactivated by your import job.


If you click on "Show user", you will get more details about which users the system has changed and you can click directly on the respective user account at Lanes & Planes.





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