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Travel Map & Warnings at Lanes & Planes

Lanes & Planes is committed to the safety of our users. We are therefore happy to support your travel management with regard to Duty of Care.

Lanes & Planes offers you the opportunity to use an interactive map to identify the destinations of your travelers in specific time periods. If there is a travel warning for a particular destination, the warning is displayed directly in connection with the respective booking.

On the map, you as the administrator can always immediately see which destination your travelers are currently in by means of the pins and then access the respective booking directly. All travelers of a booking are always displayed directly.

A separate travel time filter helps to quickly narrow down certain time periods (e.g. the last 7 days or a user-defined period).

Additionally, this map is linked to a live interface to the German Foreign Office. This allows you to see travel warnings directly for the respective trip.

As an administrator you will find all trips and the corresponding bookings and travel warnings on the map under "Map & Travel Warnings":



In addition, each user can view their own trips on the map in the "Map & Travel Alerts" section of their own user account.


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