Overview of approvals and allowances

In Lanes & Plans, administrators have the option to view the approvals and allowances assigned to them in the company account, but they can also filter the view per manager. 


To be able to process the submitted expenses of your employees, please click on "Own manager approval". Now you can approve or dispute the expense of your employees. 



To view your company's manager approvals, please click on "All Manager Approvals". Now you can view all submitted expenses. You can also filter per manager in your company and view the manager's submitted manager approvals. 



In addition to the manager approvals, you can also view the submitted allowances.

You can view and edit the allowances of your employees under "Own allowances". 



As an administrator, you can also view all allowances of the company here. To do this, click on "All Allowances", now you have an overview of all submitted allowances and can also filter by manager. 







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