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Loyalty & Discount Cards

At Lanes & Planes you have the option to deposit your loyalty & discount cards.

To do so, go to your user account, to Loyalty & Discount Cards. There you will already find all the cards you have deposited, or you can save a new card by clicking on "Add card".Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-17 um 16.02.48.png

You have a new card and want to add it to your user account?

First delete the registered card and then add the new card.

Please note that you are responsible for maintaining and updating your discount cards. If you have an expired card in your profile, you must remove it on your own. Otherwise, it will continue to be applied to bookings.

You can also find more information on this in the following video:

Please note the following important special features/instructions:

Flight: Loyalty & Discount Cards

Train: Loyalty & Discount Cards

Rental car: Loyalty & Discount Cards

Hotel: Loyalty & Discount Cards

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