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Flight search by cabin class

Lanes & Planes offers you the possibility to filter your flight search by cabin class or to predefine it.

Before you start your search, you can choose between Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class and First Class:

  • As usual, select your flight route and the respective date of the outbound and/or return flight
  • Before you click on "SEARCH", you have the possibility to select the desired cabin class for the flight via the menu "Traveller(s)"

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Please note that the respective cabin classes are defined by the airlines, and we have no influence on them.

A combination of cabin classes is not possible. Select "All classes" for a complete comparison.


Filtering by cabin class may affect the results displayed, as Lanes & Planes applies a filter setting for the entire flight route. 

For example, if you search for a flight via Lanes & Planes and select the class "Premium Economy", you should note that for some airlines that offer a flight with connecting flights, the connecting flight may correspond to a different class than the first flight.

In this example from United, the first flight from Frankfurt (DE) to Housten (USA) is offered in Premium Economy, but the connecting flight from Houston (USA) to Puebla (MEX) is only offered in Economy.


This means that the connecting flight can be found on the airline's website, but not on Lanes & Planes with the Premium Economy filter function.

In this case, Lanes & Planes will search for the entire route with Premium Economy, but as Premium Economy is not offered by the airline for part of the route, there will be no search result at Lanes & Planes.


Lanes & Planes will only find the above flight example if the filter function is removed or extended.


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