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Flight search via Lanes & Planes

We work continuously on the speed of the flight search, but are dependent on the response times of the airlines or their interfaces with.

Compared to other flight portals, especially classic meta search engines (such as Skyscanner, Kayak, etc.) with no booking option, our search speed may seem a bit longer. However, in the background we check the flights, fares, offers, booking classes and cabin classes differently and more precisely:

All offers at Lanes & Planes are checked in real time to avoid outdated cache prices.

  • For example, for some portals after the offer is selected, the customer is redirected to an external page (for example, the service provider) on which the specified price can no longer be posted. The prices are not comparable and the originally desired ticket is only available at a more expensive price.
  • In the query, all tariffs and not only the cheapest ones are requested.
    This allows a better overview of z. B. flexible tariffs.
  • There are a lot of interfaces (direct interfaces, low costers, etc.) queried and not just one, as by other providers. Therefore, we can offer a larger and cheaper choice of flights and fares.

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