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Cancellation of a hotel booking

To cancel a hotel booking, click on the desired booking in your profile in Bookings & Tickets

As soon as you have accessed your booking, you will see a button with Change at the bottom right:

If your trip can be canceled free of charge, it will be canceled by clicking on Submit Change. If you have made a booking for which you have already received an invoice, you will receive an automatic credit note via the system.


In your booking details, you will see your booked cancellation option:

If you "hover" with the mouse on Cancellation Conditions, you will be informed until when the hotel can be canceled. 

If a hotel booking has been made that does not include a free cancellation, you can no longer cancel it.

After canceling, you can view the status in the Booking Overview. In case the booking was canceled on time, you will also receive an automatic cancellation confirmation from Lanes & Planes by e-mail.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team:

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