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What is the difference between the booked hotel rate and the cost coverage?

The hotel services you have booked may differ from the cost coverage provided.

The price of the booked hotel service includes all the services you selected when booking. For example, if you have only booked an overnight stay, the price shown in the tool will only include the hotel accommodation. You also have the option of selecting hotel prices including breakfast. In this case, the booked hotel service also includes breakfast.

Lanes & Planes is providing a cost coverage, which means that costs incurred during your stay are covered by Lanes & Planes and only invoiced at the end of the trip.

This coverage is automatically transmitted to the hotel by Lanes & Planes and stored as a PDF file in your booking. It always includes accommodation, breakfast, WIFI, parking and any cultural taxes.

In case you use of any other service which are on top of these provided services and the hotel rate booked, these will also be charged via the cost transfer.

The cost coverage is therefore not a confirmation of the services you have booked.

Exception: Prepaid rates
In this case, the price shown only includes the service that was actually booked. Further costs cannot be covered by a cost coverage on site.

You can find more information on this in the following article: 

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