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Advantages of the cost coverage for hotel bookings

If you book a hotel at Lanes & Planes you will have a full cost coverage through Lanes & Planes.

This will make it easier for you because you don't have to concern about the payment of your booking before your journey and you don't need to do an advance payment as well.

Every costs which will accrue during your journey (accommodation, breakfast, WIFI, parking space) will be covered by Lanes & Planes and will be deducted 2 weeks after your journey. You will receive the invoice two weeks after your journey at latest.

Thereby you will save time when checking out at the hotel and you won't have receipts which you have to hand on to the accounting. This will be done automatically. 

You would like to exclude an item, e.g. breakfast, from the scope of the cost coverage? We can adjust the cost coverage for your company accordingly. Please get in touch with your contact person in Implementation or Account Management.

What to do, if a hotel can not find your assumption of costs? Find out here.

You can also find all the info on cost coverage in our feature sheet attached.

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