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Tips on how to deal with the Hotel Voucher?

Helpful tips on how to deal with the Hotel Voucher:
You can also find all the info on cost coverage in our feature sheet attached.


Before departure:

  • If you experience a problem with automatic Hotel Voucher prior to departure, please contact us on 089 / 215 407 120 or 

On site (check-in / stay / check-out):

  • Ask the front desk at the hotel to contact our partner eHotel directly. The phone number 030 / 473 732 45 or email address can also be found on the Hotel Voucher in the Lanes&Planes app or in the booking confirmation email.
  • If the hotel does not comply, please contact us at 089 / 215 407 120 or

In any case, please do not pay on site for the hotel stay, which is already covered by our the Hotel Voucher. Special services (e.g. spa use, mini-bar) are of course excluded from this, as they are not part of the Hotel Voucher.

After return journey:

  • If you have received an invoice or even a reminder directly from the hotel after your return, please forward it to us: 


Additional information:

When you book a hotel through Lanes & Planes, payment is made in full by Lanes & Planes and eHotel (eHotel is our official partner and is responsible for the processing and service regarding cost transfers).

This means that you will not have to pay for the booking on the spot. Which costs are covered by the Hotel Voucher can be seen on the document located at the "Ticket" section within the booking. Here you will also find the credit card number of eHotel, which will be used for the payment.

This PDF document will be sent to you by e-mail after the booking. You will also find the document in the desktop version and App version in your user account under Bookings & Tickets.

Desktop version:


App version:


We always send the cost coverage document directly to the hotel and confirm the reception of the document with the hotel.

Once the hotel confirmed direct billing, traveler and booker will automatically receive an email (can be disabled in the User Account > Preferences) with further information. In addition, the following status is displayed within the booking (left: web view; right: app view):

Bildschirmfoto Screenshot_20230727-101311.png

In case of short-term bookings, shift changes in the hotel or at smaller hotels it might happen that the reception can't find the cost coverage document. 

On the Hotel Voucher, the phone number and reference of eHotel can be found.



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