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CO2 emission report

As an administrator of your organization, you now have the possibility to view the CO2 emissions of your company's trips directly and at any time in your company account at Lanes & Planes. 

You can access the CO2 evaluation via Company Account > Bookings & Statistics > CO2 Evaluation. 

Here you now have the possibility to analyze the total CO2 emissions of your company per year and month, on average per employee and per means of travel/accommodation.

(Please note for rental car booking: CO2 information is based on the kilometer data we receive from the respective provider)


For the calculation of your CO2 emissions, we use the following multipliers and parameters:

CO2 Multiplicators:
train: 1.15           plane: 1.10

bus: 1.40            rental: 1.40       

CO2 Parameters in KG/ KM:
train: 38             plane: 214



If you are interested in activating the CO2 evaluation in the company account or in compensating your CO2 emissions directly, please contact us at

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