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Tax Refunds for flight tickets

Lanes & Planes will reimburse you for unused taxes and fees. This occurs when the booked fare is not refundable per se, or when a ticket has not been cancelled in time before the start of the trip.

If the flight booking was cancelled via the Lanes & Planes tool using the "Change" button or via the support team (, Lanes & Planes will first check if the tax refund is worthwhile or if the amount to be refunded is less than the service fee. In this case, no refund will take place and the inquirer will be informed accordingly.

Since the calculation as well as the process of the refund is associated with a high manual effort, a service fee in the amount of 19.90 EUR per ticket is charged here. The billing for this currently takes place once per quarter, and you will find this item separately on your fee statement, including the corresponding booking IDs.

Generally, not every airline offers the tax refund, and some airlines may have waiting times of several weeks. Likewise, some airlines will only refund the amount if the travel date is already in the past.


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