Train seat reservation

You can enter personal seat preferences in your user account under "preferences" (see screenshot). We pass this information on to Deutsche Bahn at the time of booking. We recommend that you only select the preference that is most important to you. Deutsche Bahn will only consider your preferences if all preferences can be met.


Preference stored in the user account: Large room with table + window + mobile phone area

Availability at time of booking: Open saloon coach with table (yes) + window (no) + phoning zone (yes)

Result: Deutsche Bahn completely ignores the seat request because at least one preference is not available. The seat reservation will be made randomly.


Preference stored in the user account: Open saloon coach with table

Availability at time of booking: Open saloon coach with table

Result: The railway reserves a seat with the preference "Open saloon coach with table".


You have the option to change your seat reservation before departure.

On part of Deutsche Bahn the change will be for charge: 4,50EUR per change of seat 

Click here to find out how you exchange your seat reservation.

At Lanes & Planes, It is preset that you automatically make a seat reservation when you book a train.

If you do not wish this, tick the box "Book without seat reservation (not recommended)". (See screenshot above). 

If you have made several individual bookings and the travelers want to sit together, you are welcome to contact the support team. We will then change the seat reservation and reserve seats side by side: Seat reservation Deutsche Bahn


Please feel free to contact our support team:



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