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Bookings and Tickets

In your profile you can find all your upcoming, past and completed trips.

To see your tickets please choose ''Booking & Tickets'' and then ''Details''.

In case you have booked a hotel you will find all important information there (eg.: price, booked room type). 

Also you will find your booking confirmation/cost allowance directly in this section.


You have booked a flight?

Then you will find your flight times, flight number as well as your booking confirmation here. We will do the check-in for you and then upload your boardingpass here for you.


Moreover you can change/cancel your booking here. Therefore please choose ''Change'' on the right side, next to to your booking details. 

At the bottom of your booking overview you can also upload your receipts and submit your trip as completed.


For any questions please contact our Support-Team: 

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