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How to book a business trip 🎬

After you have been registered and signed in at Lanes & Planes you can conveniently book a trip. The following steps will lead you through the process:

Step1: If you want to book a All-In-One journey (transportation and hotel) please enter your start point, your destination point and your travel dates.

When you choose your travel dates you can also decide at what time you want to travel.

You can also choose between your preferred transportation (flight, train, bus). 

If you are booking for someone else in your company click on „+“ in the 1 passenger bar.

The Lanes & Planes algorithm searches for the optimized journey. In step 2 you can adjust the desired filters and select your journey.

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Step 2: The criteria and filter for your journey can be adjusted through moving the bar. The minimum and maximum assets are within the available routes and possibilities in your selection.

In the lower section of the filter you can exclude various train stations and airports.




Step 3: Our searching engine suggests the best possible results concerning trip duration, price and effort of the journey. You can sort the results by particular categories (right corner). First choose your desired outbound journey. After this click ''select'' and choose your inbound journey.

If you click on „open details“ the places and times of changing will be shown. By selecting a ticket you can choose between booking class or the ticket type. 



Step 4:  After choosing a mean of transportation you have the possibility to add a hotel to your selection. If no hotel is required, please click on ''No hotel needed'' (right corner).

Here you can also set different filters.

Please choose your desired hotel and click on ''select''. 


If you click on details you can see the description of the hotel and the prices for different types of rooms:




Step 5: If your booking is completed please click on ''validate & reserve'' on the right corner. Your journey will be saved for 10minutes. No one can take away your selection.

Step 6: In this last step you accept the terms and conditions, choose (if necessary) a cost account number and/or the reason for this trip. Once you have confirmed the terms and conditions and clicked on "Complete booking", you can finalise your booking. 

Your journey is now booked and can be found in your account. All tickets and hotel voucher will be sent to you via email.

After the booking confirmation you can download your tickets in the shown window. This is of course later on possible too. Additionally you can find your tickets in our app as well.

Where and how to find your tickets and bookings anytime is explained here .


Additional information you'll find in our video tutorial:


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