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Group bookings with Lanes & Planes

In addition to individual bookings, Lanes & Planes also offers group bookings for groups of 6 people or more.

However, for group tour requests, the following additional service charges will apply per traveler:

  • from 6 persons 9,90 EUR
  • 11 - 29 persons 10,90 EUR
  • 30 - 99 persons 14,90 EUR 
  • from 100 persons 19,90 EUR 

The service fee is charged per ticket for group flight requests.

Group travel can be requested via the Concierge Service using a form:

Alternatively, the request can also be made by e-mail (


  • The ticket is issued to the main traveler and all other fellow travelers are indicated with "+(number)". 
  • For group travel with 31 or more passengers, so-called participant cards will be issued to the passengers for identification purposes. 
  • Regardless of the fare selected, group bookings are subject to train reservation
  • The seat reservation is included.
  • Please note that the Bahncard cannot be used for group offers. 
  • However, BahnBonus points can be taken into account. 


  • Please send us a maximum of 3 hotel suggestions, which will be requested by our support team in order to prepare a quote for you.

  • Meeting rooms can be requested in conjunction with a room booking or without.


  • Please send us specific details of flight times, number and names of passengers, departure and arrival airports so that we can make you a suitable offer.


For rebooking, cancellations and changes, please contact our support team at the e-mail address so that we can check and make the adjustments.


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