What is onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of implementation a new customer and assisting him with the first booking. This includes:

  • Registration of company information and payment terms to create an company account.
  • Introduction to the traveller administration in Lanes & Planes
  • Detailed description of the process of booking a trip and support when booking the first trip.
  • Assistance for travellers for data administration in their profiles for the first bookings.
  • Explaining the features of accountingfor your accounting department
  • Constant and active customer support

As timeframe for the onboarding process the time oft he special termination right can be seen. The onboarding is closed, when the fixed term contract is established.

After the onboarding process your onboarding manager will contact you consistently, to make sure that everything is alright.

The process of onboarding:

After signing the contract you will receive an email where you can find a detail process description. Additionally you can find our questionnaire for the registration of all necessary data to create your company profile and the settlement for the onboarding.

We need this questionnaire one week before the onboarding appointment.

We attach great importance to consistent contact during the onboarding process and we are looking forward to receiving constructive feedback from you and working together successfully.


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