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Capterra Review Tutorial

Thank you very much for filling out a review on Capterra about our product. Please follow the instructions in this guide. Alternatively, you can also view the attached video "Capterra Review Process". 


1) Go to

2) Click “Write a Review!”



3) You can choose to sign in with your LinkedIn account, or enter your information manually. If you sign in with LinkedIn your name, last name and email address will be filled out automatically. It will help Capterra to verify your review easier. Your review will show your picture and first name. However, you can choose to anonymize your review in the next step, so your contact information will not be visible publicly.



Important Information:

All reviews are manually examined by a team of experts at Capterra in an effort to ensure published reviews are from verified sources and provide helpful content. All reviews are treated equally during the verification process, regardless of rating or vendor. During this process, the team verifies the reviewer’s identity, checks for conflicts of interest, and evaluates the review against Capterra site guidelines. For a more in-depth overview, please see  Capterra's Quality Assurance guidelines.



4) If you choose to enter your information manually, you still need to enter your correct contact information, so Capterra can get back to you during their review process, if they have questions or doubts about the authenticity of your review. Your review will only show your first name, general job and industry information. Your last name, email and the name of your company will stay anonymous..


5) Rate our product and press next when you're ready.


6) Finish your review by writing a couple of lines about your experience with Lanes & Planes as a product and a service. Don’t forget to tick the privacy policy box before you submit the review.


7) This is what your reviews might look like, depending on whether you chose to sign in with your LinkedIn account or not and whether you chose to stay anonymous (LinkedIn):

7 a.) Signed in with LinkedIn, chose not to be anonymous.


7 b.) Signed In with LinkedIn, chose to be anonymous.


7 c.) Filled out form manually, without signing into LinkedIn:






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