Creating new invoice profiles

What are invoice profiles?

If your company has several (sub-)subsidiaries or several VAT IDs, then you want the trips to be booked to the correct invoice address. With the so-called Invoice Profiles, it is possible to assign different invoice addresses to your employees. If your employee books a trip, the invoice is automatically and easily sent to the respective company. You can change the setting at any time in the user account of the traveller. Different bank accounts can be stored for each invoice profile.


Which billing address do I have to enter?

Please enter the billing address of the new company (subsidiary) = billing profile.


What is ERP Integration?

ERP Integration is a full automation of the records, you receive it in form of a CSV file, it contains all the invoices & expense reports you have accounted. You can then upload them directly to your accounting software.
You will receive automated and in the correct account assignment, all invoiced trips and all expense reports with the corresponding vendor accounts of the employees. The CSV export is always sent weekly on Mondays.


Do I have to create new cost centers or can I transfer the old cost centers?

No, you do not have to create new cost centers. However, sometimes it might make sense to create other cost centers for other invoice profiles. You should make sure that the new cost centers are created in the same format as the existing ones.


Will new user accounts be created for this billing profile?

You are welcome to create new user accounts that can be assigned to the new invoice profile. Please note to create the new user accounts with the ERP relevant data such as vendors. From a number of 15 user accounts, we will be happy to support you.


Do all user accounts have the new billing profile?

As an admin, you can assign the desired users to the new billing profile. We will be happy to support you if you tell us exactly which travellers should be assigned to which billing profiles.


When can I start using the invoice profile?

The Lanes & Planes team will create the new billing profile for you, then the profile will be visible immediately. As soon as the payment method has been set, we will confirm the creation of the billing profile, only then it will be ready for use.


How many invoice profiles can I create via the TypeForm?

You can request a maximum of 3 invoice profiles via the TypeForm. As soon as more need to be created, the TypeForm must be filled out again. There is no maximum number of invoice profiles.


Why have we switched to TypeForm?

To offer you the creation and the data transfer even clearer and easier.





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