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Book private tours via Lanes & Planes

We are regularly asked whether clients can also book their private trips through Lanes and Planes. 

Theoretically, you can offer this to your employees to book their holidays via Lanes & Planes. Invoicing and payment to Lanes & Planes is done in the same way as for business trips. For this you would have to create a cost centre "private", which your employees then select when booking a holiday. The settlement with the employee then takes place internally at your company.

This means that you have to post the cost centre "private" to the accounts payable of your employees and offset this against their salary.

We cannot offer legal advice for any resulting consequences.

We also cannot invoice & pay directly to the employees.

On the one hand, we are not a tour operator and, on the other hand, Lanes & Planes makes advance payments for the booked services.

It must also be taken into account that our entire processes are geared towards business travel.

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