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Booking trips for minors

Currently, no trips for underage travellers can be booked via the Lanes & Planes tool.

If you have underage travellers (e.g. trainees) in your company, you can request and book them - at no additional cost - via our concierge service.

To do this, please use the appropriate service form and enter the date of birth of the person travelling via the comments section.

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Why can't the booking be made through the tool itself?

There are two main areas to consider here. On the one hand, it must be ensured that the booking of underage is technically accepted by all providers via their systems, and on the other hand, it must be ensured that the legal requirements (identification requirements, declaration of consent by the legal guardian, etc.) are met.

Especially the area of interfaces can currently not be guaranteed, and we have therefore decided to offer the bookings currently exclusively through the concierge service.

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