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Sending registration emails to employees

Registration emails to the entire company

You can (re)send registration emails to all unregistered users in the user management under the Company account > Users tab.

When you are in the User management, scroll down the page and click on the field Send invitations (again) to all registered users as shown in the screenshot below. A new registration email will then be sent to all users who are not yet registered with Lanes & Planes.


Registration email to individual users

In the event that a (new) registration email should be only sent to a single user, this can be also done in the Company account > Users tab. 

To do this, select the relevant user in the user administration and click on Edit.


In the user profile, there is a Resend invitation E-mail field at the top right. Click on this field and the user who has not yet registered will be sent another registration email.

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