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We're booking via Lanes & Planes

 Dear Admins,

to inform your colleagues that you will book your journeys via Lanes & Planes in the future, we provide you this letter with all important information and contact data as a template. You will find this attached as a word document.

Please advise your employees to book all their travels at Lanes & Planes. Otherwise booked travels should not be accepted. If in exceptional cases it is not possible to book a travel service at Lanes & Planes, it had to be integrated at Lanes & Planes with the feature "external bookings".

Even if this changeover is painful for your employees, you will be paid back for this step within a few weeks with significant savings.

Kind regards,

Your Lanes & Planes Team


Dear colleagues,

in the future we will book and manage our business trips via Lanes & Planes (, an All – in – One business travel solution!

What does this mean for me?

You will receive an invitation to register at Lanes & Planes within the next few days. Afterwards you can log in to this website and complete your profile.


User name: Your e-mail address

Password: you create your password during the registration process

Please observe the following notes:

- Journeys can only be booked after you finished your registration

- Before you book a flight you have to enter your ID or passport number

- to have your customer cards (Miles & More, BahnCard) considered, they have to be entered before booking

How to book my trips

In the future you can search and book your business trips comfortably, multi-modal and from door – to – door in the Lanes & Planes Tool.

The accounting of the booked trips is set up via our accounting. Even hotel bookings are accounted directly after the booking and you don’t have to prepay them.

An additional deposit of a credit card (neither private nor corporate) is not necessary or possible.

You have an overview of all trips on one page and you can cancel and change your bookings within the tool.

How do I procede with bookings not made at Lanes & Planes?

Some travel services can not be booked at Lanes & Planes. Additionally some travels, like business travel with the own car, can not be booked at any booking tool.

In this cases, at Lanes & Planes you have the possibility to create an external booking und submit this to the accounting.

How do I receive my travel documents?

Your travel documents (tickets & vouchers) will be sent to you by email. Additionally you can download them in your booking overview (

We recommend to download the Lanes & Planes mobile app (for iOS and Android) – your travel companion for all business trips! It also includes all your tickets. You have an overview over all your bookings and you can take pictures of your additional expenses and bills and upload them directly to your booking.

How to submit your receipts for your travel expense accounting

You can always add your receipts via the Lanes & Planes mobile app to your journey and after the conclusion of your journey submit it via one click and send it to your supervisor for approval. You can also manage your receipts online.


If you have any questions concerning your profile, booking, accounting, rebooking or cancellation, you will find most answers in our Lanes & PLanes user guide

Additionally you can contact your Lanes & Planes service team via email, chat or phone :


Phone: +49 89 2154 071-20


Lanes & Planes Homepage:

Lanes & Planes Guide:

Lanes & Planes tool: h

Lanes & Planes Mobile App für Android:

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