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Can I pay with Credit Card at Lanes & Planes?

At Lanes & Planes, we have deliberately decided against standard payment by credit card, even though it would be technically easier for us to implement. There are 2 main reasons for this:

1. Especially when using private credit cards across many employees, a complete and transparent reconciliation between payment and invoicing in financial accounting cannot be guaranteed. This is especially true for cancellations, refunds and corresponding credit notes or cancellation invoices. 

2. Additional costs are incurred by credit card billing, which ultimately always have to be paid by the customer:  

  • High transaction costs of 2 - 2.7 % for the merchant, especially for corporate credit cards (source)
  • Pricing of the risk of non-payment, chargeback fees (20 EUR for each bounced credit card payment) or credit card limit
  • The longer payment period with credit cards results in higher costs for the merchant, in this case Lanes & Planes. Lanes & Planes must pay the costs for the purchased service directly at the time of booking, but the customer will not pay until up to four weeks later.

These costs are "hidden" by most providers in their service charge or ticket prices and are usually not shown separately.

By using the direct debit payment method, Lanes & Planes can therefore always offer you net prices without surcharges.

If, however, only credit card payment is possible for you, please contact us. We will be happy to make you an offer with a surcharge for credit card payment at cost price.



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