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Traveler: Requesting and redeeming Allowance

Depending on the settings of your organization and your personal user account, it can be necessary to send an allowance request to your designated travel manager (i.e. your supervisor) prior to booking. This can be necessary for every booking, or only for bookings outside of your travel policy.

Start your search request as usual, choose your preferred travel services and put them in the travel basket with “Validate & Reserve”.

Afterwards you will see a blue framed bar with a hint, that an allowance request is necessary before booking, as shown in the following screenshot. (the red framed bar only shows up if your travel policy is violated.)


Now, please click on the black Button “Request Allowance”.

In the free-text field “Additional comment for managers”, you can leave a comment for your designated travel manager.



Please click on the black button “Request Allowance”.

At that moment, your designated travel manager receives an email with a link for the approval of your allowance request. (If you have more than one designated travel manager, all designated travel managers receive your request at the same time).

(How you as a designated travel manager can approve allowance requests, you can find here)

As soon as your designated travel manager approves your request, you receive an email with the notification of the allowance deposit.


Important hint: A redemption of our approved allowance request is only possible via the link in your email.

Through the link you reach the following page in your Lanes & Planes user account.


You can see the status “Deposited” and the deposited amount. The amount can be higher than your requested amount, since your designated travel manager can set a higher maximum budget for your trip. In case your travel manager left a personal comment for you, it shows up in the comment field below your own comment.


Please click on the black button “Redeem”.

Now choose the tariffs of your preferred travel services and click on the black button “Validate & Reserve”. 


Afterwards you will reach the page for the booking as usual and are able to complete your booking.

You can find an overview of your allowance requests in your user account in Booking & Tickets > Overview Allowances.


After clicking on “Overview Allowances” you get to the page of your already requested trips including status indications.



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