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Sixt Delivery & Collection

In case your organization has an agreement with Sixt regarding the delivery and collection of rental cars at your company address, we can activate Sixt Delivery & Collection for you.

For the activation, we need the following information from you:

  • Your Sixt company number (also called CD number)
  • The station IDs of the Sixt stations that handle your deliveries and collections

Once Sixt Delivery & Collection is activated for your organization, you can request deliveries and collections as follows:

1) Enter the city or town or the exact address of the delivery

2) Enter the date and driver as usual

3) Click on "SEARCH"

4) If the station is available, it will be displayed on the results page with the addition of 'Delivery'

 Bildschirmfoto Bildschirmfoto

Please note that the final price shown on the Lanes & Planes page only includes the Delivery & Collection fee if this was agreed in your Sixt contract.

If this is not included, you will be charged after the return according to the Sixt contract.



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