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Manage Travel Policies

In your Company Account, you have the option to define extensive travel policies. 


Here you will find the button "Manage groups". You can create different travel policies groups for your company, for example for the management and departments or groups of employees. 


Click on "manage groups" and on "new" in the top right-hand corner to create new travel policy groups or edit existing ones.


You can add or remove users from the user group.


You will find the various setting options below:

- Flight: For flight bookings you can make different settings for different variables. For example, you can specify the transport category (Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First) and a permitted maximum fare for short, medium and long-haul flights.

Lanes & Planes distinguishes between the different types of routes not according to flight time, but according to flight route. This means that set travel policies in the flight sector cannot be circumvented, e.g. by connecting flights.


- Train: For train bookings, you can choose between 2nd and 1st class and enter the maximal amount a trip may cost.


- Hotel: For hotel bookings, you can enter the permitted maximum price in addition to the permitted number of stars. The travel policy for hotels can be entered in different ways. For example, a restriction may apply to a specific country or city. This allows you to enter your own travel policy for certain destinations with higher expected costs.


-Car rental: You can also create guidelines for car rental reservations. Here you can determine the category and the maximum price per day. 


There are many reasons to book outside the travel policy. Lanes & Planes has decided that traveler can also book outside the travel policy if they follow a corresponding warning. To get a better overview of your travelers' violations, you have the option of requiring them to justify the violation and/or notifying the manager/supervisor of the violation immediately by email.

You can also find more information on this in the following video:

If you want to set up travel policies for your company, your Lanes & Planes service team will be happy to help.

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