Division of the travel policy for flights by kilometers instead of flight hours

With Lanes & Planes, you can conveniently adjust the limits of your travel policy for short-, medium- and long-haul flights as well as in terms of cabin class.

You can find the travel policy groups in the Company Account > Settings & Policies > Manage Groups.



In comparison to a division according to hours, where you can avoid the regulations by booking a transfer connection, we make sure that your regulations can be met without any problems by limiting the number of kilometers.

Example: Flight with 9h or more flight time: business class allowed, otherwise economy

Direct flight from Munich to New York: Flight time 8h50min and therefore economy

For example, if a transfer is booked via Frankfurt: Flight time 9h50min and therefore business 

You can find more information about travel policy groups here:

Establish travel policies

Travel Policy


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