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General settings of booking control levels regarding the allowance modul

To activate the modul "Allowance" for your organization, please speak to our sales team.

As soon as the modul is activated for you, you as admin can access it via your company account in the section "Settings & Policies".

There are two options of booking control levels regarding the allowance modul.



The traveler can book trips within his travel policy without an allowance request. In case of travel policy violation, a allowance request with a travel manager is necessary.

How to set a travel policy group for your organization, you can find here.

Very Strict":


The traveler has to request an allowance before every trip.


If you want to use the modul "Allowance", please consider the following settings for your organization:

  • Requirement of assigning at least one travel manager in the field "Manager Approval"

We recommend to assign at least two travel managers to avoid delays between allowance request and deposit.

  • Application of travel policy groups

To use the booking control level "Strict", travel policy groups have to be set and users have to be included in the respective travel policy group.


You can also find a short introduction to the allowance request in your video:

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