Bahncard 100 / tickets & seat reservation

With a Bahncard 100, you can travel flexibly and free of charge for one year, so it is not necessary to buy an additional ticket here, unless the journey also takes you abroad (e. g. Austria, Switzerland). The Bahncard 100 is "the ticket". It is important to always carry the Bahncard 100 with you in order to be able to show it with an official photo ID when checking tickets. It also always includes a City Ticket and is recognized in local and long-distance transport. 
However, we will be happy to book a seat reservation for you upon request. Just send us an e-mail to
Seat reservation per route / trip:
First class: EUR 5.90 
Second class EUR 4.90 
The above also applies to the ÖBB Klimaticket (different prices, inclusive services and conditions).
If you have any questions, please contact the Lanes & Planes support team.


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