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DB Weekly Tickets, Monthly Tickets and certain National Tickets cannot be booked via Lanes & Planes

At Lanes & Planes, we are currently unable to book weekly tickets, monthly tickets (or other season tickets) and certain national tickets (e.g. Berlin-Brandenburg-Ticket, Hessen-Ticket etc.) for our customers. These tickets would have to be booked independently, directly via Deutsche Bahn. 

Please find the relevant information here


However, the user can submit the expense in Lanes & Planes via the expense and expense report. You can find more information on the expense and expense report here. 


National Tickets, which are sold and offered directly from Deutsche Bahn, can be booked via Lanes & Planes. To do so, please go to the booking page and enter the starting point and the destination. 

Now select the train connection with the Regional Express and the ticket type Regio Ticket. 

Please note that these tickets are often only valid from 9:00 am. 


Please find here an example: 






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