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Deutsche Bahn booking with more multiple people

When booking train tickets with multiple people, only the main traveler (Passenger Number 1) will be listed on the Deutsche Bahn ticket.

It is not possible to transfer the ticket to another person.


Two travelers (Person A and B) have been booked on a ticket from Berlin to Munich.

If Person A, the main traveler, is unable to take the trip and only Person B will be traveling, the entire ticket must be canceled (according to the tariff conditions) and a completely new journey must be booked for Person B.

On the other hand, if Person B, who is not the main traveler, is unable to take the trip, Person A can still use the originally booked ticket.


The journey of the accompanying person not named on the ticket is generally transferable. Please note that a possible replacement person must also fulfill the ticket conditions (Bahncard).

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