Passenger Rights Service (Deutsche Bahn)

Lanes & Planes now supports you in automatically claiming compensation for delayed or cancelled train journeys with Deutsche Bahn. Without your involvement and in compliance with EU regulations (according to EG1371/2007), we pursue your claims.

Effortlessly and free of charge (minus a service fee), we guarantee timely compensation for your travelers. If your colleagues fail to submit their claims for delays or cancellations themselves within 60 days after the journey, we automatically and compliantly process them.

This increases employee satisfaction and optimizes processes in your company!

Why do rail passengers leave their rightful money on the tracks?

Every year, an incredible 89% of compensation payments for train delays and cancellations expire because they were never claimed. This means customers are overpaying for train costs by up to 6%.

Filling out the passenger rights form often seems too cumbersome and bureaucratic. Additionally, there are often uncertainties about whether the payout should go to a private or business account.

How does our service work?

We automatically scan your data set for potential compensation payments. These claims are then submitted in writing by us. Even in case of objections from the railway company, we handle all necessary steps.

The best part: We transfer the reclaim amounts directly to your account monthly – you don't have to worry about anything.

What exactly do we need from business travelers for this?

Nothing. Lanes & Planes can perform the analyses and compensations WITHOUT the involvement of your travelers.

Which services are covered?

Currently, our service assists you with delays of 60 minutes or more and cancellations. These are automatically recorded and submitted by us 60 days after the journey. This way, we reclaim the majority of the compensation for you.

Other services, such as additional costs incurred or missing train compartments, are not currently covered by our service. Travelers must continue to use the passenger rights form for these.

Are flex tickets also compensated?

Yes. Even your flex tickets are compensated. Even if you take a different train than specified on the ticket.

Do I need a delay confirmation from the train conductor?

You do not need a delay confirmation from a train conductor to claim compensation.

What is the current processing time?

Processing compensation claims can take 4 to 8 weeks.

Please contact the implementation or account management team for the activation of the passenger rights service or for further questions. All further information can be found in our terms and conditions under § 10.

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