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Dealing with tourism taxes on business trips

In many destinations in Germany and abroad, visitors have to pay a visitor's tax or tourism charge, including well-known cities such as Berlin and Hamburg.

There is no legal exemption from these taxes for business trips. However, there are some destinations that exempt business travelers from these taxes in order to promote business tourism. These regulations vary depending on the destination.

In the absence of a legal basis for exempting or reimbursing tourism taxes as part of travel expenses, employers decide individually whether to reimburse their employees for tourism taxes on business trips. 

In conclusion, three situations can be distinguished:

    1. The destination does not levy tourism taxes for business travelers
    2. The employer reimburses the tourism tax
    3. The traveler bears the cost of the tourism tax


If you book a hotel through Lanes & Planes, Lanes & Planes will pay the full costs, including tourist tax and tourism levy.

If this is not desired, we will be happy to adjust the cost coverage for your company accordingly.

Please contact Implementation or Account Management for an adjustment of the cost coverage.

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